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Matt's collecting more stuff...

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I've always wanted a sickle bar mower, so a few days ago I did something about it. Using that wonderful tool we call the internet, I found a fellow tractor nut a few towns over that had one for sale, and so a deal was struck. It's a Massey-Ferguson #32 Mower. It's in pretty good shape for it's age (late 50s), but still needs some TLC. I can almost see the hay dropping now....

We've Got a Floor!


Here it is! It was poured on the 17th, so I'm a bit slow on the post, but better late then never. Here's another shot.

Foundation Update

Just a quick update. The foundation was poured on the 9th, but we are still waiting on the floor. The footing where the door is suppose to go is cracked, three or four times, and needs to be fixed. We have yet to see how this is going to be done, but I hope it's done well. Oh, and some eye candy, here, here and here.

I hope to see them pouring again this Monday.

Forms are up!


This could have been two posts, but I held off and made it one. The forms have been going in on the footing (see last post) for a copule of days now. It's pretty neat, you can really get a feel for what the place is going to look like now! At any rate, the progress can be seen here, here and here.

Looks like they will start to pour Monday! This is really great, to see things moving after sitting for so long.

The footing is in

The footing went in today!

Tomorrow crushed stone and forms.

Here we go....


So for those people who live far, far away and have some interest in what's going on up at the farm here's the the quick "lets get up to date". So here's the House up to spring of 2004. The kitchen and "back kitchen", due to odd construction (the kitchen was once a carriage shed), came off as seen here and here. It was quite distressing to see those parts come down, it will look just like the old house once I'm done.

So there it sat for the next two months (grr)! We have had such a rainy spring & summer that the foundation guy got pushed way back. It was very frustrating sitting on our hands for so long, but that's just the way it goes some times.

So finally he found his way here and we went to work staking out the house's new location (we are moving it back a bit from the road) as seen here. That quickly led to digging, and then this. Yeah, that's all ledge! I had to decide if I wanted to blast, and since I really didn't have much of a choice since the ledge took up 45% of the basement it was "fire in the hole!".

The ledge is now gone, and the forms for the footing are now going into place, so I hope things go better from here on in.

I'm going to add more photos as I go, kind of a running log of what's going on.

Sorry for the large photo sizes, I could have sworn Movable Type had a feature to resize photos on the fly but I can't find it now.