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It's been a while, so here's a quick update. We have been building back the kitchen and back kitchen as seen here and here. Not only that but in the mean time we had a retaining wall built in back and on the side (seen in the previous photo) that can be seen here.

Pretty exciting stuff!

Wow! Where did the house go?


30 feet back to be exact!

I came home on the first of September to find the house like this. The next day the house moved back to its new location! I don't have any pictures of the move itself. The timing was really bad for me, pretty much the only week that I couldn't take off but that's life. At any rate, you can see it's new location here, here, and then a shot from the belly.

Site updates:

I made the site a little more viewable to those of you running at lower resolutions. 1024x768 is still the real world minimum, but you can try 800x600 if you like (it looks horrible).

Also, due to popular demand I'm scaling the images down to 640x480. Now everyone should be able to see them, and they should download faster. I guess I thought everyone had displays running at 1280x1024 and broadband, silly me. :-P

Bah, it always happens to me

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First off, I promise to post NEW photos of the farm tomorrow. The house has been moved! Yeah, pretty exciting stuff!

Anyway, I was working on my MF #32 mower tonight trying to remove a bearing race that was pretty well stuck in the cast housing. After plenty of cussing, grinding, and pounding I got the bloody thing out. I ended up buggering up the housing a bit, but it should be a snap to fix (thank you JB Weld). I wanted to flush the housing out since the bearing must have died in a big way, throwing little bits of steel everywhere but the front bearing is held in with a expanding C clip that doesn't have any holes in the ends to compress it! That with the use of a needle bearing in the back makes me wonder what the MF engineers where thinking when the built this thing...

Well I went to clean up the shaft since I couldn't bear to do any more work on the housing and was greeted with all sorts of dings from the bad bearing. I think the PO just ran the thing with the bad bearing and that's what killed the shaft. Why do people treat equipment so poorly?

Anyway, I know the MF/Agco dealer is going to give me a heart attack when they price out the shaft so I'm going to see what a local machine shop can do for me.

I love working with this old stuff, but what can't I just once buy something that really is in working condition?

I think I might have to put this aside to center my attentions on the house, which isn't really a bad thing, but I hate leaving projects half done. I just hope the shaft is not really a big/expensive deal and all that's left is a little tuning...