Wow! Where did the house go?


30 feet back to be exact!

I came home on the first of September to find the house like this. The next day the house moved back to its new location! I don't have any pictures of the move itself. The timing was really bad for me, pretty much the only week that I couldn't take off but that's life. At any rate, you can see it's new location here, here, and then a shot from the belly.

Site updates:

I made the site a little more viewable to those of you running at lower resolutions. 1024x768 is still the real world minimum, but you can try 800x600 if you like (it looks horrible).

Also, due to popular demand I'm scaling the images down to 640x480. Now everyone should be able to see them, and they should download faster. I guess I thought everyone had displays running at 1280x1024 and broadband, silly me. :-P


WOW! The lawn in front of the house looks fabulous....someone did a great job mowing that! HEHE!

I think the real question is will the move affect TV reception. After all, they moved the whole house 30 feet and that aerial antenna still looks perfectly straight. :-P

That's a good question. For a antenna that doesn't rotate it worked remarkable well. Then again when the new roof goes on I guess that will be the end of, since local channels came to DirectTV why bother?

I'll update the page tonight if I remember. Things are ah changing, and I haven't been keeping up!

I, for one, welcome 1280x1024 pictures. Managed to score a nice 19" LG monitor at work, 1600x1200@72Hz. Connection leaves a bit to be desired, a paltry 1Mbps fractional T1. Although I've got my zippy 5Mbps downstream cable at home.