Red Sox Nation, Listen Up!

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I've just watched my team, the Ol' Towne Team suffer two losses to their biggest rivals, the Yankees. Unless you've been living under a rock, you knew that, so what's the post all about? Well I guess I needed an outlet to vent a bit. Here's the deal, Curt's hurt and they don't know if he will be able to take the ball again this season. What a blow, I mean this is the stuff he lives for and the stuff every Sox fan lives to watch. It's a big deal and has really had me down the last two days more so then even the losses, but you know what, the Sox still have 3 guys in their rotation that can put the kibosh on any team on any night. Petey lost last night, and I'm sure every "Who's your Daddy" chanter went home with some sort of smile on his/her face, but last time I checked allowing three runs over 7 innings is not being "owned", it wasn't the Pedro of 2000 but it wasn't a blow out either, it was the bats that lets us down that night. Bronson takes the mound tomorrow, and you know what, I hope not jinx him but he's got nasty stuff and the guts to make it work. Did anyone see game 3 of the ALDS? Then there is good old Wake. Even my Yankee fan better half likes Mr. Knuckleball (although I think she likes his smile more then his stuff). If that Ball is dancing, and his last start looked pretty good, then we are going to see those funny swings all night. Who needs heat when a 68mph knuckle does just as well? There's another guy that we might have forgot about (some on purpose), and that's Lowe. You know he still has the stuff, he was a winning pitcher this year, so it's hardly like we are dead in the water, in fact this starting rotation could be argued to be better then what the Sox brought last year to the playoffs!

The Bats, well, Yankees starting pitchers have been awesome so far, one was even flirting with perfection, but you just know once one of them make a mistake this potent lineup will fire up and jump all over it. Don't forget game 1, the Sox battled back into it after being down 8-0!

Defense, it's been there, it's been there for a while now, you have to feel good about that.

Pretty much I'm just tired of being frustrated. There is no curse, and we all know that Pedro said something silly, get over it! This is a very good team, good enough in my mind, and in the minds others, to work magic this year. I know what I've written here isn't going to help the Sox in battle, but some positive thinking can't hurt. So the Yanks won two at home, now the game is coming to Fenway, lets let them hear it!

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