...In other news

Yeah, windows and we're not talkin' XP! That's a really bad picture, but it's the best I have at the moment. Also, look at all the tar paper, it's a "real" maine house now! :-P Here's another shot:

It's not so windy inside now, what an upgrade! Still chilly though, so now we warm up by the fire:

Question: Do you folks like the smaller photos embeded in the page, or popups from a link? Leave your thoughts in a comment.


Definitely the embedded.

Tar paper is not longer the official siding of Maine, its now Typar

Yeah, I've noticed that. I think tar paper still counts though...

I like the embedded really kicks up the page!

They look nice embedded but when you click on them, they spill over the edges of my PowerBook's screen. Maybe I should just get a bigger screen... :-)

I like the embedded, too...pop-ups drive me crazy, even if they contain useful information and pictures... :)
See you in a week!