The roofing guys have shown up.

Yeah, I know it's hard to see in the snow, but at least I have some progress to show off. I really like the color, not to dark not to light.

Half day of school today! The roads are not as bad as last friday, but I think thats what they had in mind when they called it. You don't have to be a student to enjoy a snow day!


Hi Matt. It's your cousin-in-law Brian. Lookin' good. Wendy and I have to come up soon to see the house in person. You guys have done so much to it since we were last there. I just happened to be looking on your site at work and you posted this, so I had to say hi. Tell the rest of the family we said "hi" and I'll talk to you soon.

Go Yankees!! We just picked up Stanton and Rodriguez for the bullpen. Were getting there!

Just to let you know the roof,from what I can see of it, is looking good.I like that touch of white you added.So what is next? I just finished installing the plywood in W&B kitchen and used a better part of 25lbs of screws.Going to try start the tile next week.Grandpa broke his router,and made it worse when he tried to repaire it.What else is new! I think I'll have to get some that Alumalloy to repaire it, or maybe by him a new one. Well will talk again soon.Take care and tell the family I send my best. Uncle Tom

Hey Matt!

The house is coming along great! The roof looks must be so psyched! When did the roofers come? Can't wait to see you and BJ over Christmas. Also dying for snow and snowmobiling with you...Jim and I are so excited! I was miserable last Christmas with no snow down here.
:( I'm praying for a blizzard so we have to stay longer. :)

See you soon!

That roof looks awesome! We have the same type on the roof of my apartment in Orono, but ours isn't a pretty color. That's the first picture that I've noticed the little rock wall. Sure enough, it's in some of the others but it's a nice touch.

All right, have to quiet the kiddies down. There ain't no snow in Brewah so we gots to work hahd today.

Wow, I never knew I had such and following. :-P

Brian: You do need to come up at some point, check out this great state once some of the white stuff builds up! Oh and the Sox just added Mantei to the 'pen. Former closer, 10 plus Ks over 9 with a 2 something ERA... Not to shabby, as long as his arm doesn't fall off...

Tom: Wow, that's a lot of steel in that floor! The tile is going to look nice when it done though.

Zells: Can't wait to see you folks too. Not so sure about the and time might put a damper on that. Lets just hope for a white christmas.

Colin: Brewah eh? :-P Is that the high school your teaching at? I was just there for the First Lego League Compitition.

Had to share this. The one downside to this kind of roof is definitely in the winter time. This morning and I kept hearing an awful racket when I was in bed. Couldn't figure out what it was. When I went out to my truck to leave, an avalanche of snow slid down the slick aluminum surface and onto my head. I was not happy about that but I know what was making the noise.

I'm not sure the apartment roof is done right though. There is no drainage system so when you're fiddling with a key at the door, you get soaked. Not to mention all of the ice around the perimeter of the building.

Brewer Middle School. Haven't been to see the high school yet.