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The big 100000


Saturday night in Nobleboro, 7:05:


Not to shabby for an '01.


OK, my friends made the old VW into quite the speedster! You can find the original by clicking here

The Mega Post!


So here's a big post to get everyone up to speed...


First off the roof is done! It has kept a rain storm and a couple small snow storms out so far so I guess it's working. It's nice to have the extrior work done for the time being and now we have moved inside.


These are the stairs that go up to the second level from the kitchen. The stairs used to be going from the den/old dining room/sitting room up to the second floor, so now they have been reversed and the treds are now 2 inches deeper!


These are the stairs going from the den/old dining room/sitting room down to the basement (don't mind the mess at the bottom!). So now we have access to all the levels of the house, quite an improvment.


Here's a shot upstairs from the bed room to the room that has yet to named. You can see that the door way has been mostly framed in with the storage area to the far left and closet near left side. Storage seems to be the theme, seems like a lot to me, but I've been told that you can never have enough...

Oh, and we finaly have some snow! It's not much, 6 inches or so, but it was just enough to allow Dad and I to go out and check out one of the trails we maintain. I went twice, so I guess that puts me up to about 6 miles this year. It's a start, and I did burn up the field for a while, so I hope things start getting better. Oh, and a glamor shot. :-P


So maybe it's more pictures then content, but still you can't beat eye candy!

I'm dreaming of a white, um, winter....

Another wintery mess tonight...snow, sleet and freezing rain, Yuck!

Right now I'm dreaming of sub 32 temps, and a abundant amount of that white stuff. I know it's selfish, but that T660 is calling my name, and you have to admit that a white blanket looks much nicer then brown and safe ice on the lakes makes for a much more enjoyable winter, right?

Not to mention it's Maine, and it suppose to snow up here!

My roof is one section of cap away from being done, so don't be startled if you hear my whistling "let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..."

Happy New Year everyone!