The Bou 2005


BJ, Heidi, Lynelle and I (yeah, I was the only guy...) went to Caribou last week to hit some of those dreamy County trails. We got off to a slow start but that's part of the game. One hair dryer, a bottle of dry gas, and a lot of pulling later we were of heading towards Limestone. We ended up on the "Border Trail" which is a section of ITS 81 that runs on the border between Canada and Maine.



It was the girls first time seeing it, so that was fun. We ended up turning around and heading back to BJ's folks house shortly after since it was getting late in the day. 40 miles in a few hours, not to bad.

The next day we took off in the morning for our "long trip" which brought us through Van Buren, up to Long Lake (St. Agatha) where we ate, then back down through New Sweden and then back to Caribou which ended up being 115 miles.

And just to prove we were there:


It was a great time. It kind of spoils you, but once or twice a year it's nice to get away.


You spelled Lynelle's name wrong. There is an E at the end. Also, St. Agatha has no S at the end I believe. Check the map...other then that the new post looks great!


Woah! It's Heidi. Where has she been? And what ever became of my Zip drive?

She's around, and your Zip drive is in the dining room (that is if she didn't move it). Come by and grab is.

Don't know if you remember us but we are old friends of your Mom's and Dad's. I've been following your farmhouse renovation because I remember it well. I stayed there a few times when your Mom and I were in college at UMF. I am very interested in your snowmobile trip. We live in Presque Isle and have been snowmobiling these last two Winters. We also have a camp on Madawaska Lake. We may have seen you on the trail because the camp is close to New Sweden.
Next time you plan a trip up to the "County" let us know and bring your parents. Also, Bob thinks he knows BJ as he is the Guidance Counselor at Caribou Middle School. Is her Mom a teacher at Caribou High School? It's a small world.
Keep up with the good work on the house and say hi to your Mom and Dad,
Bob and Sue Blanchard (Heidi also knows our son Carlton, he's a junior at UMF)
P.S. Our great snow is quickly melting.