Heat and Wire


Just a few updates for those who are interested...



And for those who like demolition...


Things are really starting to roll again so stay tuned.


oooh. those unfinished rooms are just about as sexy as that sparkling chunk of diamond in the previous post....

Erika-you are so right about the sexy construction pictures. You should see Matt in his tool belt.....

If there were some more pictures of Matt's tractor on this site, it'd be X-rated. :-P

"she thinks my tractor's sexy...."

Lookin great Matt. My dad Jim used to work with your dad.Congrats on your engagement. Talk to you soon.

From, The Tabak Family-Milford, CT

Hey Matt,

Just checkin' in and have to say that this is some of the best heat and wiring that I have ever seen...oh ya, I've never seen it before so I have no point of reference, but I am confident that it is some of the finest around. Glad to know you and BJ won't freeze from the arctic Maine winds! I need to talk to BJ to get a lay of the land there, I think...I have no idea what is what. Is that top picture an attic room? On newer builds it's called a "BONUS ROOM"! Bonus! Anyway...enjoying your handywork from here in TN...keep up the good work!

Your sister-in-law to be ;)

Hey Matt,
It's lookin' realy good! I'm going to try to come up and see it this Summer.

Aunt Dawn