Time to wake up


OK folks, my first Sox related post of the year. I just wanted to say how frustrating it is as a fan to watch a team that has so much potential, squander so many opportunities in the last week or two. I'm not sure I've ever seen so many men left on base, inning after inning, where's the timely hitting? Heck, watching Ortiz fly out on the first pitch in back to back at bats, I just don't know...

Pitching, well everyone has a bad day, they all just happened at the same time, and the Sox are with out an established stopper, so you just go with it. All in all though I have to tip my hat to Clement, Bronson, and Miller. Wakes has been his old self too, tonight was a tough loss but it's not like the Unit didn't give the Sox an opportunity to take this one.

Tomorrow is another day. Go Sox!


but, hey- they beat the yankees 17 to 1. Or something crazy like that.

Yeah, that pretty much does it....


There's a outsider amongst us! :-P

Just wanted to add to my previous comment that they need to carry that momentum.

Forget spending all that money! Go to a Sea Dogs game and actually watch a winning team! #1 in the east!!

OK, frustration here. Bos at Card series and this sucks. The Red Sox bat's are dead against pitchers that are not over powering and I've just seen one of the stupidest exchanges of bean balls this year (like Halama is guy who goes out to drill people?), and all the boos, dirty, unfun baseball, the Card are out for blood, simple as that.

It's like Yankees Red Sox baseball on a bad day.

They need to take the game tomorrow and just put the series behind them, remeber who pulled off the sweep last time these two met?