Will it ever stop?

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Welcome to Maine, here's your rain jacket...

Or at least that's what is feels like. We are entering our fourth (I think it's four) straight week of rain. It's getting to the point where when you make small talk about the weather you talk about the fact that it only sprinkled yesterday instead of the downpour that's happening today! I think we have had two days of sun, each of which has been capped by showers in the evening.

Heck, even the Portland paper's headline today was about how all this sour weather is effecting peoples moods.

I have a pallet full of shingles waiting to be installed and the clapboards are ordered for the front but god only knows when we will be able to install them, not to mention the painting...

Ugh, I'm tired of this weather.

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We're at Flagship. Where are you? Teddy Colin Danielle