It pays to be a Yankee


This is (surprise) baseball, so you don't have to read it unless you want to.

Baseball time again, and again I'm just about ready to explode. Al Leiter, the same 6 something ERA, more BB then Ks, DFAed by the Marlins, throws a gem in his first game with New York in 18 years. The Sox, in the bottom of the ninth battle back against the "invincible" Mariano Rivera, bases loaded no outs, time to get it done and bring Mariano back to earth, but no, the first base ump blows the call and the sox end up with 2 on and 2 out instead of bases jacked and one out. Johnny D. then goes down on the first pitch (BTW, I'm at the very least happy that Leiter didn't spoil Damon's hitting streak).

It pays to wear the NY when is comes to getting the close call. I may sound bitter, but the Sox just lost a series they really should have won, or at least split. Yeah, there was the 17-1 romp, but 17-1 and 2-1 still get the same win in the books. The Yankees ran out a grade B starting rotation and the Sox couldn't get them.

Sox need to wake up, but they also need to get back on the right side of luck and get the Umps to make the right calls.


It is only baseball! Get over it. You can't always get the calls...apparently not in Boston! You'll get us the next time.

Typical Yankees Fan! :-P