September 2005 Archives

Big Papi and little Pape.

I have to admit that I was close to writing something negative, the first 5 innings were well, flat.

Something made me stop, and I'm glad I did.

Bring on the Yankees!

Ah, why not.



'Nuf said.

Paint, Paint and more Paint.


The exterior is pretty much done (just a bit of trim left).




I'll try to get a few interior photos tomorrow.

It lives!


God I hope I don't jinx my self here but what a great feeling, and also a nervous one as well. Back in July, the 4th of July weekend to be exact I lost the middle cylinder in my 1993 70HP Force. I couldn't just fix it since I had slightly more important things to spend my time and money on but I did start picking up parts here and there and pulled the power head apart after work. Anyway, after sitting all summer the 'ol Force fired up yesterday. After enjoying an afternoon with the Souther clan and my family I decided to throw the thing in the water to see what would happen. Generally I'm pretty happy. The low end is kind of rough, but it never was that great and maybe I'm just listening more then I ever did but I think I still need to play with the low speed just a bit more. I just hope I didn't miss any thing, 2 strokes tend to be sensitive so I hope I've built a good tight engine. It was an adventure (both lousy tools and and my brain cramps), but if the engine settles in like I hope it will be well worth it.

How about that 1968 Duratech.