Good things...

I hope I don't jinx this but today:

The plumber called! Still mad that he's ignored us for so long, but the prospect of not being taken to the cleaners to finish a job I already payed for makes me very happy.

I clean the manifold on my car yesterday and the thing is running better then it has in a couple of years! I don't know how the thing even ran. Just take a look.

The rumors are the the Sox are very close to getting Josh Beckett (of 2003 World Series fame). This is one of those wow trades, he's 25, a nasty pitcher and already has a ring. Beckett and Schilling with Clement, Papelbon and Wake just makes you feel good (I think Bronson goes to the pen)...

So yeah, a good day.

UPDATE: Looks like Beckett is part of the 'Ole Towne Team pending the usual checks!