Almost there.


People seem to want the see what's new so being the reasonable guy I am here's a few new pictures!

Not a bad looking kitchen, pretty much 98% done, just some trim type stuff left BUT it's 100% functional.

different angle.

I'm not sure what this stuff is but I've been told that it makes your clothes clean, at my parents house we had a laundry fairy, magic I tell ya!

You can see one of the doors isn't finished and both of them are not trimmed out but those are just small details.

You can see what the trim looks like in this picture.

Move this weekend, we're going to try!


matt, it looks so amazing! i'm jealous of your house :)


Matt, Your house is just beautiful. I love the way your kitchen looks especially. Nice counter top color! Mary

wow. that place looks pretty fantastic. and clean. I think i'm jealous also. i'll have to send you a photo of a tractor for the walls :P

Wow! Everything looks great. Even the laundry don't have to put quarters in the machines. Now that's technology. :)


It's not quiet that clean. There's still lots of tools hanging around, I just shoot around them. :-P

Unless your talking about the lack of anything on the walls...

Oh and just as long as it's a red tractor, none of this green stuff.

Colin: yeah, it is kind of hi tech. The alarm on the dryer sounds like sonar (makes me think I'm in a sub) while the washer sounds like a big rig!

Matt: Elizabeth used to say that my Jetta sounded like we were riding in a washing machine so it's probably normal. Sadly you might notice that car is no longer parked in my driveway. All that remains of DZLFUMS are the front and back license plates. ::sniffle::

It looks awesome guys! Hope the move goes smoothly. Looking forward to your visit in April and when I will finally be able to see the real thing in person in July...

Love you both!