Here's a first.


The first post from 1157 Pinnacle road.

Yeah, so we're in.

Not much more to say.


I must admit that playing house is a lot more work than I anticipated but I am loving it.

Matt and BJ,

Your house is even more amazing in person than the pictures. :) Thank you so much for inviting us over and for the pizza and heck even just for the atmosphere. We had a great time. (And I looooved Madagascar! =D) You two are so wonderful together, I wish you guys nothing but the best. BJ, it was so great meeting you! I wished I could have spent more time talking with you. Hopefully next time. :)

Have fun with your satellite TV! ^^ (Here's wishing for snow so you guys can use those snowmobiles!)

Take care :)


So - is Matt a better roommate than I am? Does he watch Gilmore Girls with you? I betcha you miss my hotshot ---
And for you Matt --- finally living in your does it feel?
Love ya both,


Thank you and come back anytime.


Your probably the better room mate. I'm not so much the Gilmore Girl type ya know. :-P My vision eh? Not bad, not bad at all. Hey, why don't you take call all this warm weather back down to your neck of the woods where is belongs!