June 2006 Archives

Bad stuff

Julian Tavarez should never pitch in a close game again, I mean how many games does he have to loose/almost loose before Tito figures out that he's cooked.

To loose in 12 after such great pitching then going to Julian Tavarez, what was he thinking?

BTW, this isn't knee jerk here, check out his numbers. He has a not so bad 1-2 record but something like an 5 era after tonight.

We're pretty much stuck at the moment. There's a little more painting to be done upstairs but we just haven't gotten around to it yet. It sounds like this Saturday is going to be a rainy one (yeah, another one, we're getting pretty tired of the rain) so I'll probably do some work inside.

The Cub Cadet 169 (or as BJ likes to call it "Crap Cadet") is back in one piece and managed to mow the lawn last Monday! For those that don't know my 1973 CC 169 needed an engine (Kohler K341) overhaul. A project that should have taken a weekend at best ended up taking just about two months. Between parts that were back ordered and a good healthy dose of bad luck this thing turned into one of the most stressful engine projects I've every experienced. Now that it's back together I'm going to have to start thinking about the CC 1512, yeah that's right diesel garden tractor goodness....

The Sox and the Yanks are playing head to head right now. So far the Yankees are up by two in this series, one win which was a blow out thanks to our 1b, and one that was a very winable game that the offense just never got into. David Pauley pitching that second game, 6.2 innings of 2 run ball at Yankee Stadium was just awesome (could have been 1 run ball if he got his glove on that soft ground ball). I mean a 22 year old in his second start, I hope he keeps it up for the next start in Texas, it would be nice for this staff to include a little more young blood. Anyway, G38 on the mound tonight vs Wright, I think the Sox can get to Wright and Curt, well, lets here 55,000 shut up. :-P

According to my calendar we have 43 days until the "Big Day"!

No pictures this time, maybe I'll get a few over the week end.