T minus 2 weeks and counting!

Love is in the air, or maybe that is the smell of 72 jars of strawberry jam? Only two weeks until Matt and I tie the knot and still many "little" details left to take care of. Matt and I have been taking dance lessons at Swing and Sway in Rockland so our First Dance will look AWESOME. Fred and Ginger.....watch out! We are very excited for the Zell's to arrive from Tennessee next Saturday. Elizabeth, my niece, can't wait to see Bitty Bitty and Ma-Ma Matt's farmhouse for the first time!

Matt and I have recently rescued a baby deer mouse from sure death at Tom Heath's cabin. We have made a little home for "Fievel" with shavings and hampster gear in a 10 gallon fish tank. After reading about caring for abandoned mice, we predict that he is about 14 days old! One of his eyes has begun to open today, how exciting. I have been feeding him soy based baby formula every 4-6 hours, my mothering instinct is kicking in! If he survives, I plan to keep him as a class pet for the coming school year. We will post some pictures of our newest addition after his eyes are open.