Thursday, the West Cape

Our home away from home, Heritage Harbour House Inn (Charlottetown, PEI)

Another busy day for the honeymooners on PEI! Today we hit the North Cape Costal Drive that loops around the west side of PEI in Prince County. Our trip took us by road construction on route 2 and we took a picture to show everyone back home how red the dirt is here on the island. It is everywhere, even the sand on the beaches is this red color. They also sell t-shirts in the shops that are dyed with the dirt so that it has that reddish tint to it!

Why is it red? We have no idea, but we want to bring some home!

Our first stop of the day was in Cap-Egmont at The Bottle Houses (Maisons de Bouteilles). We walked through the three buildings that are made of over 25,000 different colored glass bottles. It was really beautiful to see the light shining in through all the bottles. This place is featured in the book, 1000 Places to See Before You Die, only 999 more places to go!


Bottles, bottles everywhere but not a drop to drink!

After lunch we headed up the coast to the most northwestern point on PEI, North Cape. At North Cape, nature and technology come together in the form of red dirt beach and 17 huge windmills! This is the site for the Atlantic Wind Test Site and Wind Farm. From reading the signs on display, each windmill produces 660 kW! Matt and I are thinking of installing one at our home and telling CMP to get lost! Also at North Cape there is a 2 mile long rock reef which a few crazy people were trying to walk across as we arrived, and the tide was coming in!

Gone with the Wind (check out that car beside the wind mill on the left!)

Gone with the Wind II

LL Bean model in the making!

After North Cape we headed down the west coast to West Point to see the lighthouse there. Yet another PEI lighthouse with a little black and white stripe design!

Is it black with white stripes or white with black stripes?

Our last stop before heading home was in O'Leary at the PEI Potato Museum! Not only did we go to the museum but it just happens to be the PEI Potato Blossom Festival this week! Matt and I were amazed at how SPUD-tacular this museum was! Who knew there was enough stuff about potatoes to make a museum! I got to put my potato beetle killing skills to the test with a game that they had in one of the exhibits!

What a SPUD-tacular museum!

Die potato beetles...DIE!