August 2006 Archives

Just do it...

Go get them Curt.


I forgot to mention the bull pen, silly me. I guess I'm not really mad at anyone, I the difference came down to a bloop, not much you can do about that. The frustrating part is that no one in the 'pen besides Papelbon can get anyone else out. That doesn't look good going forward, can it turn around? Sure, why not, but right now things don't look at all good pitching wise.

Anyway, nice performance by Curt, Papelbon showed some real guts (not to mention 5Ks in two super high pressure innings).


Boomer goes 9 and laughs at his former team mates as they exit the fens (hey, I can dream right?).

The power of the garter!

So Matt catches the garter at our wedding, I walk over to give him a pat on the back and tell him "now get on that" and low and behold for the first time in history he listens to me! Congrats to both Ms. Rector and Mr. Blazek!

When you just can't win.

I just watched the KC Royals completely steal a game from the best closer in the game. Really though, this game should not have come down to Papelbon, this should have been a blow out. The pitching held up this time (well, except in the ninth) but the bats blew it over and over again.

3 games back from the Yanks and they just lost back to back series to two of the worst (one of which is the worst) teams in baseball.

The Yankees are playing better baseball, the Twins have better pitching, it's kind of scary looking at what coming up for the Sox. It's not over but they need a spark, I'm not sure what it's going to be but it's got to happen soon before things get out of hand.

Say Hello to Gus and Willy



We have two new additions to our Kopishke farm here in LIberty, Maine. Today we picked up, Asparagus "Gus" and Willhelm "Willy" from our friend Len and Cara Lewis' farm in West Washington. They were "a little" reluctant to go with us, so we had to transport them home in a box which they were not thrilled about. When we let them out of the box at home, they quickly separated and found places to hide-out. Now they are together and sleeping off the shock of being out of a barn and in a house. I hope that they adjust to their new surroundings before Matt and I head to Caribou for my 10 year class reunion!

Also, in case you are wondering they have not yet met Fievel. We are curious to see how that introduction will go, we will keep you posted!