Say Hello to Gus and Willy



We have two new additions to our Kopishke farm here in LIberty, Maine. Today we picked up, Asparagus "Gus" and Willhelm "Willy" from our friend Len and Cara Lewis' farm in West Washington. They were "a little" reluctant to go with us, so we had to transport them home in a box which they were not thrilled about. When we let them out of the box at home, they quickly separated and found places to hide-out. Now they are together and sleeping off the shock of being out of a barn and in a house. I hope that they adjust to their new surroundings before Matt and I head to Caribou for my 10 year class reunion!

Also, in case you are wondering they have not yet met Fievel. We are curious to see how that introduction will go, we will keep you posted!