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OK, so we need a post here, so how about a few thoughts about the 2006 Sox?

First off it was to bad to see a team that wasn't all that bad crumble due to unexpected poor pitching and more then their fare share of injuries.

As far a pitching goes who knew Josh Beckett would end the season with an ERA over 5, or that Wake would miss almost half a season? The real killer was the bull pen though, besides Papelbon everyone was a let down. Speaking of Papelbon, WOW what a pleasant surprise! The kid was just cutting down batter after batter, a .92 ERA, maybe rookie of the year?

This years infield was one of the more impressive defensively I've ever seen. Maybe not as rangy as they could be but very smart players that if they got to the ball they could turn it into an out. Lowell did more then expected offensively so I think he should go down as a successful pick up even if he was just along for the ride with Beckett. Gonzo is the best SS I’ve ever seen. His glove work is just mind boggling, maybe even worth the .255 BA he ended the season with. Loretta seems like a nice guy but in my book was over rated. Yeah he hit around .300 BUT the guy really must hate to walk, his OBP is completely driven by his BA. Not bad defense but he was the most limited range wise so I wouldn’t read too much into his fielding % and low number of errors. Youk also did everything the Sox could have asked of him and then some He was better then average defender with a decent BA and a very nice OBP, the greek god of walks my friends, just don’t ever play him in left again!

The outfield was pretty “Eh? the whole season, but that had a lot to do with injuries. Manny, well if he didn’t get hurt it would have been another 40+ HR, 100+ RBI season. Yeah he’s a funky guy and a limited defender but guess what, he’s one of the best hitters the game has ever seen. Coco was a big disappointment, BUT I think that was directly connected to his injury. I’m all for seeing him man the center next year, if he can pick up his BA like he has for the last few years then he could be everything the FO had hopped for. In left Trot had an off year and I think we’re going to be seeing Pena out there next year. I like Trot as much as the next guy but his “dirt dog? ways will keep him making regular trips to the DL .

Oh, and that David Ortiz guy isn’t all that bad, I think I would let him DH again next year. :-P


Congrats to:

Papi for his 54 HRs, now you’re in the books.
Curt for 3000 Ks, maybe Coopers Town now?
Paplebon for his 35 saves, most by a rookie Sox.

There maybe a couple of Golden Gloves later on, then again that’s more of a popularity contest then anything else so who knows.

Oh and completely random, I saw one of my former classmates on NESN, as in she’s employed there, how cool is that?

Now for hot stove season…