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Keet arrive at Overlock/Kopishke Homestead

Feeding Time

Since there is such a large tick population in our area we decided to buy some guinea hens to help reduce the amount around our home. Guinea hens are noisy, somewhat annoying, and quite possibly the ugliest member of the bird species. However, they begin life as adorable little "keet" and once they are grown they are pretty low maintenance birds. They will just wander around the property and EAT BUGS (and make a lot of noise)!

Of course I have named each one, not that we can distinguish between them, but just the same all pets need a name. We have "New" Guinea, "Papua New" Guinea, Guinea "Pig", Mario and Luigi (our Italian Guinea), and Fifi (our French Guinea).

I think this is Fifi

Guinea "Pig" doing what he does best

The Watering Hole