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How about some techie stuff?

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Nothing really has been happening up at the farm so I haven't really had anything to post. We just started wiring, and the plumber shows up tomorrow, so things are going to start rolling again, I just need to fill this space for a bit.

So I think I'm really going to like LDAP...if I ever get it to work! The concept is great, a directory of any kind of data. Pretty much that means user names an passwords to me. You see where I work you have a user name and password for the your email, one for the file server, one to access the district information system, and one for our SIS software. Trying to keep all that stuff straight is difficult, and we don't always have the most tech savvy people, so I'm sure you can connect the dots. So with LDAP of have one user name password set for everything! The down side is that LDAP was designed to do a heck of a lot more then logins, so it's kind of a beast. Right now I can get data in, get it out, but I'll be damned if I can get Linux logins, more specifically NSS to work. The PAM side seems to work, or at least it isn't giving me any errors, so I just don't know.

The other thing it could be is I'm using the unstable Debian, so maybe it's just broke. :-P