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House work '10

So a lot of people have been complaining about the lack of updates here so I'm trying to catch up a bit.


We're working in the "office". The old floor was very irregular (worn board, cupping etc.) so we used a drum sander to flatten things out.


This is what it looked like when we were done. The floor was all an off white color before we started.


Here's the new floor all laid. It's tongue and groove oak, random width. We had to get a little creative to make it all work out due to the room not being perfectly square but a friend helped us lay it out and it worked out to less then 3/4" off when we got to the walls.


Here it is finished. We chose Minwax "Natural", it's not to dark and makes the grain pop out.


Baseboard! These pictures are from today. Dad and I put some down yesterday and did a bit more today. We need to install a rail by the stairwell but besides that this room is very close to being done.


This is the bath room with it's new tile floor and doors. It's a hard room to get a decent picture in. A small closet still needs the shelves installed and a door built. I'm building a vanity (slowly but surely), it's getting close as well.


BJ's been busy too although she won't tell me what she's been up to...

Early Spring, 2010

Spring seems to be here early this year, which as a big winter fan I'm a bit torn about. The bees on the on the other hand seem to like this warm early March day!


These two are a few years old. Both started from Nucs that took forever to build up. I requeened one and the other requeened its self, that finally kicked them into gear. They went into the winter pretty strong and from the looks of it are doing OK. The colony on the right was my best honey producer last year and also produced one of the swarms below.


These are two swarms I caught last year. Believe it or not the one on the left was the later swarm (from the colony above). I pulled a small honey crop of them this fall while the one on the right just built up to a single deep before winter. I suspect there's a new queen in the singles future, I should have done it last fall but just didn't get around to it. They are flying in this picture, they're in the shade so they're weren't quite as many out and it's harder to see them.


The two older colonies in flight.


This colony is the oldest of my bunch. It started out as a package, quickly built up to two deeps and produced over 5 gallons of honey over two harvests in it's first year! Last year wasn't as good but the weather was just terrible in the late spring/early summer.

Spring '09

Something new that isn't snow and -20 deg!

Whitey Ford, the last of our original set, checking himself out in the mirror.

These are Whitey's Kids. We got 5 eggs before Whitey's mate met her demise (don't play in the road!). We stuck them in the incubator and 3 hatched, not to shabby!

Here they are at 4 weeks.

This is "the nursery".

Here's an overwintered colony that I busted down to a NUC, the cluster was tiny so this should help the build back up.

Keet arrive at Overlock/Kopishke Homestead

Feeding Time

Since there is such a large tick population in our area we decided to buy some guinea hens to help reduce the amount around our home. Guinea hens are noisy, somewhat annoying, and quite possibly the ugliest member of the bird species. However, they begin life as adorable little "keet" and once they are grown they are pretty low maintenance birds. They will just wander around the property and EAT BUGS (and make a lot of noise)!

Of course I have named each one, not that we can distinguish between them, but just the same all pets need a name. We have "New" Guinea, "Papua New" Guinea, Guinea "Pig", Mario and Luigi (our Italian Guinea), and Fifi (our French Guinea).

I think this is Fifi

Guinea "Pig" doing what he does best

The Watering Hole

Spring 2008

The winter photos were getting pretty old so how about some spring ones?

Ye Olde Farm House

Down the lane.

The Apple Tree.

The Girls.

Early Winter, 2008






Lets hope it stays.


The ladies have arrived!

The condo.

Hard at work on the pear tree.

Working on drawing out comb (no comments on how funny I look)

No more blank page!

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Sorry about the blank page everyone. I really don't have much in the way of updates at the moment. The closet in the laundry has shelves thanks to Dad. I finished up the the painting in the office upstairs so now need to start thinking about flooring and doors.

Spring is here and things are starting to turn green so here's a few photos of the farm to add a splash of color.



And just for the fun of it here's old trusty "A" and Jr.

Yeah they were all yellow...

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Not a lot had been going on lately. We have painted, here some of newest pics.

It's pretty bright but I think it's going to be fine.

Differnt angle.

Two coats in the office.

EDIT: The camera didn't quite get the color right, so don't be to alarmed by that first pict.

So it's been a while, a L O N G while...

Anyway, here 's a few pics of the more finished product:

The living room/den

The kitchen (notcie the trim above the cabinets)

And last but not least I've started painting upstairs (this is the office).

I promise to do better now that things have clamed down a bit.

Here's a first.


The first post from 1157 Pinnacle road.

Yeah, so we're in.

Not much more to say.

Almost there.


People seem to want the see what's new so being the reasonable guy I am here's a few new pictures!

Not a bad looking kitchen, pretty much 98% done, just some trim type stuff left BUT it's 100% functional.

different angle.

I'm not sure what this stuff is but I've been told that it makes your clothes clean, at my parents house we had a laundry fairy, magic I tell ya!

You can see one of the doors isn't finished and both of them are not trimmed out but those are just small details.

You can see what the trim looks like in this picture.

Move this weekend, we're going to try!

Countertops, Door and Wallpaper

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Getting there...

Doors are hung.

Wallpaper is up in the bathroom (that's the vanity on it's side).

Last but not least the countertops are installed.

More Floors


The Kitchen, bathroom and utility rooms are done...




Here's one of the guest room with the floor done.

It's getting close, really close. If the plumber didn't take advantage of us we would have all the heat in but now we're stuck finding a new plumber. Counter tops and doors will be here Tuesday!


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Steadly plugging along...





How about some light?

And since before and after is so much fun...



The downstairs bedroom is done as well, but the den's floor was still wet so I couldn't get there.

Floors & Paint


A few more BIG updates rolling down the pike.

The dining area floor. Red Oak, "Natural" stain and a few coats of varnish things will look real sharp.

This is the old wood floor in the den. You can see that we hit the edge with a sander and it will clean up nicely. The old finish is thick though, it's going to take some elbow grease to get it off.

This is guest room. One more coat of paint and then we can pull up that old sheet flooring and refinish the wood floor. Oh and don't worry guys, the paint lady assured me that even though the paint chip says "Graceful" that's just to make the women happy. It's real name is "The Killer Instinct", and even though it's light lavender it's been approved by all branches of the military, all four major sports leagues in the US plus the Pro Bull Riding circuit and NASCAR!



Cabnets went in last week!

Look Left..

Look Right...

Looks much better with the arch.

Paint, Paint and more Paint.


The exterior is pretty much done (just a bit of trim left).




I'll try to get a few interior photos tomorrow.

Rolling Along


Things just keep moving along. The siding is almost done, and IMHO looks great:


Notice that the left side is already painted (big old slap on the back for Dad), if you look in the next picture you can see the difference between the primer and the paint. It's kind of hard to see, but it's all going to be flat white.


The insulation folks were here today too, so that's all done:



Sorry if your on dialup, lots 'o pictures this time around, but you have to admit things are starting to really move along nicely.


Not much to say, the pictures speak for them selves.



The wireing is pretty much done as well.


Heat and Wire


Just a few updates for those who are interested...



And for those who like demolition...


Things are really starting to roll again so stay tuned.


I think we need a new farm photo so here's one of the new outlets in the basement.


Not really a great photo, and really not that exciting either, but still having power and lights in the basement is quite possibly one of the biggest steps we have taken in a long time. I've found that I enjoy wiring also, as long as I pick up the right switch. :-P

The Mega Post!


So here's a big post to get everyone up to speed...


First off the roof is done! It has kept a rain storm and a couple small snow storms out so far so I guess it's working. It's nice to have the extrior work done for the time being and now we have moved inside.


These are the stairs that go up to the second level from the kitchen. The stairs used to be going from the den/old dining room/sitting room up to the second floor, so now they have been reversed and the treds are now 2 inches deeper!


These are the stairs going from the den/old dining room/sitting room down to the basement (don't mind the mess at the bottom!). So now we have access to all the levels of the house, quite an improvment.


Here's a shot upstairs from the bed room to the room that has yet to named. You can see that the door way has been mostly framed in with the storage area to the far left and closet near left side. Storage seems to be the theme, seems like a lot to me, but I've been told that you can never have enough...

Oh, and we finaly have some snow! It's not much, 6 inches or so, but it was just enough to allow Dad and I to go out and check out one of the trails we maintain. I went twice, so I guess that puts me up to about 6 miles this year. It's a start, and I did burn up the field for a while, so I hope things start getting better. Oh, and a glamor shot. :-P


So maybe it's more pictures then content, but still you can't beat eye candy!

More Roof

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Just a quick update....

As you can see it's moving along, slowly, but it is moving...

Merry Christmas Everyone!



The roofing guys have shown up.

Yeah, I know it's hard to see in the snow, but at least I have some progress to show off. I really like the color, not to dark not to light.

Half day of school today! The roads are not as bad as last friday, but I think thats what they had in mind when they called it. You don't have to be a student to enjoy a snow day!



...In other news

Yeah, windows and we're not talkin' XP! That's a really bad picture, but it's the best I have at the moment. Also, look at all the tar paper, it's a "real" maine house now! :-P Here's another shot:

It's not so windy inside now, what an upgrade! Still chilly though, so now we warm up by the fire:

Question: Do you folks like the smaller photos embeded in the page, or popups from a link? Leave your thoughts in a comment.

Wow, a lot has been going on! I've been so busy that I haven't had time to update the site so I hope all you folks don't get to upset with me. Anyway here's a quick update. It's mainly getting the out side tightend up. I really must say it's starting to look great! Here a few shots:
Front, Side and Back.

We have decied on a steel roof (standing seam) in a nice green (Sherwood Green to be exact), which will start to go on in a few weeks. The windows should be in this week and the doors right after that. The wire for the power is in side and just needs to be hooked up. Also, all the brick work is done but I'll wait to get a picture of both rooms before posting.

In the future I'll try to be better with updates. As you might have guessed I've been pretty wrapped up in baseball the past two weeks but that will be over by then end of the week, and lets hope it ends with the Ol' Towne Team doing what hasn't been done in 86 years...

Like Curt's t-shirt says "Why not us?"

It's been a while, so here's a quick update. We have been building back the kitchen and back kitchen as seen here and here. Not only that but in the mean time we had a retaining wall built in back and on the side (seen in the previous photo) that can be seen here.

Pretty exciting stuff!

Wow! Where did the house go?


30 feet back to be exact!

I came home on the first of September to find the house like this. The next day the house moved back to its new location! I don't have any pictures of the move itself. The timing was really bad for me, pretty much the only week that I couldn't take off but that's life. At any rate, you can see it's new location here, here, and then a shot from the belly.

Site updates:

I made the site a little more viewable to those of you running at lower resolutions. 1024x768 is still the real world minimum, but you can try 800x600 if you like (it looks horrible).

Also, due to popular demand I'm scaling the images down to 640x480. Now everyone should be able to see them, and they should download faster. I guess I thought everyone had displays running at 1280x1024 and broadband, silly me. :-P

We've Got a Floor!


Here it is! It was poured on the 17th, so I'm a bit slow on the post, but better late then never. Here's another shot.

Foundation Update

Just a quick update. The foundation was poured on the 9th, but we are still waiting on the floor. The footing where the door is suppose to go is cracked, three or four times, and needs to be fixed. We have yet to see how this is going to be done, but I hope it's done well. Oh, and some eye candy, here, here and here.

I hope to see them pouring again this Monday.

Forms are up!


This could have been two posts, but I held off and made it one. The forms have been going in on the footing (see last post) for a copule of days now. It's pretty neat, you can really get a feel for what the place is going to look like now! At any rate, the progress can be seen here, here and here.

Looks like they will start to pour Monday! This is really great, to see things moving after sitting for so long.

The footing is in

The footing went in today!

Tomorrow crushed stone and forms.

Here we go....


So for those people who live far, far away and have some interest in what's going on up at the farm here's the the quick "lets get up to date". So here's the House up to spring of 2004. The kitchen and "back kitchen", due to odd construction (the kitchen was once a carriage shed), came off as seen here and here. It was quite distressing to see those parts come down, it will look just like the old house once I'm done.

So there it sat for the next two months (grr)! We have had such a rainy spring & summer that the foundation guy got pushed way back. It was very frustrating sitting on our hands for so long, but that's just the way it goes some times.

So finally he found his way here and we went to work staking out the house's new location (we are moving it back a bit from the road) as seen here. That quickly led to digging, and then this. Yeah, that's all ledge! I had to decide if I wanted to blast, and since I really didn't have much of a choice since the ledge took up 45% of the basement it was "fire in the hole!".

The ledge is now gone, and the forms for the footing are now going into place, so I hope things go better from here on in.

I'm going to add more photos as I go, kind of a running log of what's going on.

Sorry for the large photo sizes, I could have sworn Movable Type had a feature to resize photos on the fly but I can't find it now.