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I've got some extra stuff I've collected that I would like to move, if you're interested in this sort of stuff, just click the link!

Merry Farmall Christmas!


Everyone have a safe and Merry Christmas!

Bah, it always happens to me

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First off, I promise to post NEW photos of the farm tomorrow. The house has been moved! Yeah, pretty exciting stuff!

Anyway, I was working on my MF #32 mower tonight trying to remove a bearing race that was pretty well stuck in the cast housing. After plenty of cussing, grinding, and pounding I got the bloody thing out. I ended up buggering up the housing a bit, but it should be a snap to fix (thank you JB Weld). I wanted to flush the housing out since the bearing must have died in a big way, throwing little bits of steel everywhere but the front bearing is held in with a expanding C clip that doesn't have any holes in the ends to compress it! That with the use of a needle bearing in the back makes me wonder what the MF engineers where thinking when the built this thing...

Well I went to clean up the shaft since I couldn't bear to do any more work on the housing and was greeted with all sorts of dings from the bad bearing. I think the PO just ran the thing with the bad bearing and that's what killed the shaft. Why do people treat equipment so poorly?

Anyway, I know the MF/Agco dealer is going to give me a heart attack when they price out the shaft so I'm going to see what a local machine shop can do for me.

I love working with this old stuff, but what can't I just once buy something that really is in working condition?

I think I might have to put this aside to center my attentions on the house, which isn't really a bad thing, but I hate leaving projects half done. I just hope the shaft is not really a big/expensive deal and all that's left is a little tuning...

Matt's collecting more stuff...

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I've always wanted a sickle bar mower, so a few days ago I did something about it. Using that wonderful tool we call the internet, I found a fellow tractor nut a few towns over that had one for sale, and so a deal was struck. It's a Massey-Ferguson #32 Mower. It's in pretty good shape for it's age (late 50s), but still needs some TLC. I can almost see the hay dropping now....

Owls Head Truck and Tractor show.

Well kids it's time for some real data!

This weekend (7-24/25) is the annual Truck and Tractor show as Owls Head, be there or be square. :-P

Gates open at 10:00 AM.